We carry the following lines of stone veneer: Eldorado Stone, StoneCraft, & Rolling Rock.

There are endless possibilities as to what you can do with these products. From creating a beautiful accent wall in your home, making a stone front on your home, or crafting an amazing realistic fireplace. We also offer a few choices of real thin stone veneer. Typically applying a real FULL size stone veneer can be a very expensive and a long process. The option of using real stone THIN veneer takes the expense and grueling installation process out of play with giving the customer the same look. Real thin stone veneer can be used anywhere man made stone veneer is used. Rolling rock stone has beautiful examples of several types of this material. We also carry a thin real blue stone veneer that is unique to Milton Supply Co. 100% real thin blue stone veneer with varying lengths and heights give a dramatic dry stack effect about 1"-1.5" thickness.

In our showroom, we have over 18 42"x 51" displays on our walls to really give the customer the look and feel of the stone they're choosing. Small sample boards really don't give the customer the complete perspective and color range.

Customers who choose to work with us selecting their stone veneer really appreciate the displays as it really gives them a true sense of what they are purchasing.

A few important reasons why man made stone veneer is so popular today are:

- Ease of installation: In most cases a home owner with basic skills and tools will be able to install these products. However, we don't recommend that someone without any masonry skills tackle any big jobs. For any large scale job, or out of the ordinary, we have many masons we would be happy to refer you to. For a small job such as a modest size fireplace or accent wall, you would be just fine. Of course we would guide you along the way with any help or trouble you might run into. We're just a phone call away or stop in any time.

- Lightweight: Man made stone veneer is extremely light weight in comparison to the real thing. This offers a huge advantage over real stone because you can install it just about anywhere. 10 sq-ft of man made veneer weighs approx 80 lbs. although that may sound like a lot, real stone veneer almost weighs double.

- Realism: Man made stone veneer is constantly fooling people. With many displays in our showroom, we frequently have customers come in and they cant believe it when we tell them that they're looking at a man made product. Stone craft and Eldorado have so much detail and texture that goes into there product it's incredible. There are so many options and colors to choose from. You can choose stone that looks like it came from the Southwest or you can choose something that would fit a log cabin in the Adirondacks.

Real Bluestone Thin Veneer:

Manufactured Stone Veneer:

Additional Stone Veneers we carry are:

Dutch Quality, Old World Veneer & Quarry Cut

More info on our new stone veneer products will be posted soon.