Stone Cutting

Milton Supply Co. has become synonymous with stone cutting. Whether it be a homeowner bringing in a single brick paver to have cut or a custom cut stone bar top, we do it all. This is the work we our very proud of and have done for many years.

If you can dream it we can usually make it happen. We have over 40 years of experience in stone cutting and fabrication and have become extremely talented at what we do. We still do things the old fashined way.

We hand chisel all of our rock faced edges and don't use any laser guided cutting systems.

We use small hand tools from grinders and edgers along with worm drive saws with diamond equipment to cut and shape stone.

Stone Treads

We carry many different sizes and choices for treads stock here at Milton Supply. Stone treads are flat pieces of stone that vary from around 1.5" thick to 3" thick and vary in length. Several widths are available including 8", 12", 14", 16", 18", & 24". They are typically used for steps, hearths, mantels, benches, counter tops, and caps for walls. We carry many different types of stone treads to match any decor.

Limestone: This is our most popular stone tread material that we sell. It is the most affordable and has the most sizing options. The pieces are 2" thick with a rock faced front edge stock and a smooth top. Its light gray in color.

We have the ability to put that rock faced edge on any side of the stone you need.  These pieces sell in 6ft, 8ft and 10ft lengths with widths from 6", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18",24", 30", and 36". Bigger sizes sometime available. We are able to cut any size if any of those listed are not what you need.

BrownStone: This is our second most popular stone tread material. This stone has a beautiful brownish hue with grains of charcoal running throughout the slabs.

Like Limestone the brownstone has a rockfaced edge on the front but also has rockfaced edges on the sides where limestone only has the front faced. Every slab of Brownstone varies a lot so each piece has its own characteristics. This is very unlike the Limestone where every piece is pretty much the same. Also unlike the limestone, the top has a slight texture to it. This texture is referred to as "thermal". The thermal top gives this some traction if the stone is used for a step, but most importantly makes the slabs look amazing. This is also a 2" material. Lengths are all 8ft for the most part with widths including 8", 12", 14", and 20".

BlueStone: Blue stone has been around forever in central New York you see if everywhere. Although we still carry a lot of blue stone today the Lime Stone and Brownstone are more popular.

Blue stone comes from Pennsylvania. It's a deep blue gray color stone with the same thermal top the brownstone has. (a slight texture). The front edge of the stone is also a thermal edge which means it doesn't have a rock faced edge on it. Blue stone doesn't have characteristics conducive to being able to rock face well, it's very hard. Sizing we stock are 1.5" thickness with lengths including 6ft and 8ft. Widths for this stone include 12", 14", 16", 18". Unlike the Brownstone and the Limestone the Blue stone can be easily obtained in many other sizes. We work very closely with a corry in Pennsylvania that we have been doing business with for many years so if you need a bigger size or any other size not listed feel free to ask and we will see what we can do.