Standup Bluestone

These stones can get up to 4 ft long and 30" wide. These are typically used for bigger patios and walkways or if you just want that big stone look.

The larger sizes of these stones are great because you will have less joints and they will tend not to move around as much in the winter.

Sold in full pallets. Around 175 - 200 sq ft per pallet.


Medium Bluestone

Just as the name sounds the sizing is right in the middle of the large and the small size. This is our most popular choice for people working on patios and walkways. You will still get a few larger pieces found in the standup stone but you will get more manageable size pieces usually around a 18"x24 size.


Of course this is irregular stone so sizing will be all over the board, but you will not get any stones too small to be used. Sold by the pallet and half pallets. Around 140 sq ft per pallet.

Dimensional Flagstone

This product is bluestone, but instead of being random sizes and shapes, flagstone is cut to exact sizes. This product is used for patios and walkways when you want a more cleaner look than the irregular bluestone. The color varies, but it's usually deep blue gray with some brown and possible rust colors.

Some sizes for this stone include: 18"x24", 18"x18", 24"x26", 24"x24" etc. The top surface of these stones will have some roughness to them as it is a naturally split product. Also the thickness of the stone will vary up to 1/2".

Thermal Flagstone

This product is very similar to the dimensional flagstone. They both have the same colors, both come in the same sizes, but thermal bluestone has a few accolades that set it apart from the dimensional flagstone.

One is that the thermal bluestone the thickness of the this stone is almost exactly the same from stone to stone. The positive to this is an incredibly easy installation.

Another difference from the dimensional is the fact that the top of the thermal stone is all flat with some slight texture. The same as the bluestone treads. And the last part that sets this stone apart from the dimensional is that the sizes of the stone are cut to a tight size. Meaning that an 18"x24" thermal stone will be within a 1/8" of another 18"x24" piece where the dimensional sizes will vary more.

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