Crick, Kraft & Rose

With brands like Crick, Kraft, and Rose trowels you're sure to find the highest quality tools with an amazing selection.

Crick levels are premium grade precision levels made to last a lifetime.The materials used in the manufacturing of Crick levels are hand selected for their individual reliability and are assembled by craftsmen dedicated to quality. Over 50 different machines are used in production to insure precision and dependability.

W. Rose Trowels are meticulously hand crafted from special tool steel in a unique process involving forging, heat-treating, and hand polishing to produce the world's finest one piece bricklaying trowels.

W. Rose Trowels are made by a process which binds blade, ferrule and tang as one piece; with select air-seasoned wood, leather, or plastic handles firmly attached to the tang. The W. Rose trademark gives you the excellent feel and balance that you expect.

Kraft professional finishing trowels feature their new, soft textured ProForm® grip, and cross ground blades with precision edges.

Jackson Contractor Wheelbarrows are built tough and made to last. Heavy-duty steel tray braces provide added strength and support when pouring heavy loads. Heavy gauge seamless steel tray with front braces, "H" brace, steel cross strips and leg stabilizers 16".