All of the essentials to complete your patio, walkway, driveway & other landscaping projects

Polymer sands and polymer stone dust are fairly new on the market. They have become a mainstay when laying pavers and stone. Before polymer sands came out people would sweep regular sand and stone dust into the joints between the pavers and stones. One of the problems that arose from doing this was that the sand and stone dust would never get hard so the product would track into people's homes. The other downfall to the sand and stone dust was that it promoted ants to make anthills all over the patio. One of the biggest pluses to poly sand though is that it severely reduces weed growth and in most cases, eliminates it all together. The way these products work is simple, after installing the brick or stone you simply sweep this product into the joints, then wet with a hose. After a day, the sand and dust will be very hard - almost like concrete. Below you will find the different poly sands and poly stone-dust we carry.


Landscape edging is essential during an install because it holds everything together. Whenever you're installing a patio or walkway this product will be put along the borders to keep the pavers or stone from separating.

Very simple to install, you would just lay it on the ground and use 12" galvanized spikes that we also sell to keep the edging in place.

Landscape Fabric is a must when installing a patio or walkway. It's also used for flower beds to prevent weed growth. If you're planning on putting in a patio or walkway, the Landscape fabric would go down first after you dig the hole, then the runacrush would be put right on top of the fabric. Although this fabric will minimize weed growth from the bottom up, what you're really accomplishing by putting this down is making sure the runacrush doesn't mix with the soil and eventually disappear. This is called soil separation. Skipping this step results in the settling of pavers and stone resulting in an uneven walking surface. This also works great for flower beds to prevent weed growth while still letting water down into the roots.


Pro Plus IV: This is our best landscape fabric we sell. The Pro Plus IV (4 oz) is a premium woven/non-woven fabric. SRW Woven/Non-Woven geotextiles are premium landscape fabrics made of polypropylene fabrics, needle-punched together with plant lines every 12 inches for easy plant alignment.


The SB3 (20 year) is a spunbond fabric. SRW Spunbond polyester geotextiles are commercial grade landscape fabrics with high puncture resistance. Spunbonds are the favorite among professional landscapers due to their strength and versatility.


Landscaping glue a great all around product with many uses. Its main use is in the installation of retaining walls to glue the blocks together. You can also use this glue in place of mortar mix in many situations. For example gluing pavers down to a concrete pad.

The SRW glue we sell is the best on the market. Its not only the strongest but your able to use this product in freezing temperatures, on frozen block, and wet block. This gives the homeowner and contractor ultimate flexibility when using this product.