Among our new products this year are natural stone boulders

Boulders create dramatic impact in any landscape. Use them functionally to divert foot and vehicle traffic, or simply as the focal point in your gardens or waterfall.

Eye-catching and defiant, these powerful icons make any landscape breath taking. Available in many shapes, colors and textures, our selection of landscape boulders offers you the variety you need to give your landscape that touch it’s been missing.

Landscape boulders offer many uses in helping create a natural looking landscape. A simple accent boulder can make a dramatic effect that will help set the mood of your landscape.

Come out and take a look at our Landscape Boulder Yard and pick out your very own unique boulders suitable for any situation. If you have a larger project in mind let us design an interesting and unique solution for you.

Below: additional shapes, colors and textures now available at the shop in Solvay.